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Valuation Decisions - Search

To view decision records, Adobe Reader needs to be installed on your computer. This application was tested using version 9 of Adobe Reader. If you do not have version 9 or a later version installed click here to download it for free.

To see important helpful information, click on the relevant below. Short help text is also available if you rest the cursor over the relevant .
You have four methods of finding decision details.  Choose the most appropriate option from the choices below.

1. Enter appeal number    
2. Enter postcode    
3. Free-text search on decisions with full reasons                 Allows you to search all decisions with full reasons, using any word(s) or phrase(s)
4. Alternative options All decisions                Decisions with full reasons  You can search by using 'Keywords' [2000 & 2005 Rating List appeals only]
Tribunal area        Select a Tribunal Area to search on Billing Authority or Hearing Venue options
Billing Authority *    Select a Billing Authority to search on Hearing Venue options
* Note - As of April 6th 2009, any changes to billing authority names and reference numbers will be detailed in the help screen. Click on Billing Authority Changes for more detail